Bartender mixing a drink. Photo by Baltimore Commercial Photographer Papercamera

Case Study-Commercial photography for a hospitality client

I see a lot of interesting places and people doing commercial photography. Case Studies is my way to share some projects with you all. If you have any types of projects you’d like to see me feature, please email me with any special requests.

This commercial photography project was for MGM National Harbor. The shoot included portraits of actual employees in their work environment. The usage was on-site large prints in the casino.

My team included one makeup artist and two assistants. The first assistant performed some digital tech duties. The client and I scouted locations and set up lighting in various areas of the casino in order to showcase each department. The client provided wardrobe (uniforms) and props for this shoot.

The images ended up on the walls of the casino, as seen here in my reel. It’s always a blast seeing my commercial photography work so large!

If you have a shoot in mind, I’d love to talk!