Kitchen interior by Baltimore Interior Photographer Tracey Brown

Case Study- Photography of a stunning kitchen and bath interior

This month’s case study is a throwback to a kitchen and bath interior shoot I did for the amazing Trish Albano of Trish Albano Interiors. Trish contacted me to photograph this stunning kitchen and bath interior and it was an amazing shoot. The kitchen was a perfect blend of timeless, classic design with modern glamorous touches that Trish is known for. The usage was for Trish’s book, and for her various collateral and social channels.

My team included my assistant and myself, as I wanted to keep a smaller footprint since this is a residence. My assistant did some light digital tech duties.  Trish and her assistant did the prop shopping and styling. The designer and I scouted the locations and selected angles that would best showcase the kitchen and bath interiors. My assistant and I balanced existing lighting with added light as needed. We worked with the stylist to adjust props based on our compositions. I may or may not have ended up in the bathtub for one of these shots. I’m not telling which one, ha!

If you would like to chat about an interior project, I’m happy to talk! I’d love to hear your suggestions for future case studies. What do you want to see more of?