An editorial photo of a man leaning against an old tractor by Tracey Brown

A Pre-COVID Editorial Photo Shoot

Many of us are taking stock of 2020 as the New Year approaches. I’m no exception. Today, I’m remembering a pre-COVID editorial photo shoot I did for ‘Healthcare And You’ for Adventist HealthCare. So much has changed in 2020. However, we all desire to connect with others and see their stories.

I love doing editorial photography.  I appreciate the unique challenges and rewards these shoots represent. I’m almost always in a new location and meeting new people. Because of this, I have to to determine lighting, composition, and subject placement, often on the fly. I love that there is a story behind each image I create. I use that story to inform my photography. I’ll often visually tell my own story about each person, like who they are, what their interests are, and what makes them tick in support of the story.

Adventist Healthcare contacted me to do several shoots for their magazine. This included a patient profile of Donald. Donald is a charming professor who lives in a really cool A-frame on his farm. His house and barn was like a prop shop for our shoot and had great locations for the multiple shots we created for the cover, table of contents page, and the story itself. We all had a great time creating beautiful photos for the client. You can see Donald’s story and several other stories I photographed in their Fall 2020 issue.

The current pandemic has changed a lot of things, but it hasn’t stopped us from photographing. People still want to connect with others. We have policies and procedures in place to make any editorial photo shoot and all other types of shoots as safe as possible.

What are you looking forward to in 2021? What lessons of 2020 will you take with you?