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Is this a great time to photograph your property?

As travelers are still finding their way back, and traffic is slow.

Might this be a great time to photograph your property?

I’m ready to roll!


Now might be the perfect time to photograph your property. Having less people coming through means shoots can be more productive since the space is more easily controlled with fewer disruptions. Here are some tips on preparing your property for photography:

  • Ensure everything you want in a specific location is functional. This means that all lighting and displays work and that there are staff available to turn on/off any specialized equipment.
  • Take an objective look at your space. Would things your eye is accustomed to be distracting to others?
  • Fresh flowers are a simple prop that can liven up living spaces. B.Willow is one source in Baltimore for plants and flowers.
  • Consider whether the shoot should feature an empty space, or have people, whether they are employees or talent.
  • Finally, a shoot in this time can showcase any changes or improvements to your property, especially in this time of pandemic. Those plexiglass panels, upgraded HVAC, and floor signs might not be a distraction but a feature in the shoot.

If you have a project in mind, I’d love to hear from you! What are your tips on preparing for a shoot?