Two doctors in an operating room

Celebrating Medical Heroes

Heroes don’t just wear capes. Sometimes you’ll find them in a gown and mask in a darkened room, staring at screens while trying to save or improve a life. There’s no explosions or ticking timer, but the situations and lives on the line are much more real and personal. We recognize these medical heroes today.

Doctors are important every day. They bring us into the world and help us in our golden years. They’re the one making sure people are okay and breathing well during a surgery, checking that ouchie on a child, bypassing arteries, and helping patients get the right meds for their disorders.

Doctor’s Day isn’t new. The first Doctor’s Day was celebrated in 1933 in Georgia. By 1958, March 30th was the official date adopted in a resolution passed by the US House of Representatives. By 1990, Public Law 101-473 of the 101st Congress made March 30th “National Doctor’s Day”. Click here for a little more history of Doctor’s Day.

30 years later, we continue to recognize doctors and all of their contributions. From Allergists to Urologists and everyone in between, we salute these medical heroes today! Thank you to all of the doctors who let me document the important work you’re doing. I appreciate the opportunity to show the hard work you do each day.