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Happy World Photography Day!

Happy World Photography Day! It’s amazing how pervasive photography is in our lives. Everyone pretty much has the ability to take photographs (and can therefore celebrate with me!) Here are some of my top tips on how to celebrate:

  • Take selfies in several locations and see if your friends can figure out where you have been. I’ve been known to do a scavenger hunt on social!
  • Take very detailed macro shots of everyday objects and see who can guess what the object is. For the DIY overachievers, click here to learn how you can take an old kit lens for your SLR camera and convert it to a macro lens
  • Take a self portrait or a photo of someone you live with and get a quote from them. Bonus points if you group the text with the photos. Apps like Canva have templates where you can lay out photos with text.
  • Take photos of the shadow from an object or animal (not showing the object/animal) and see if people can guess what the shadow is from

I’d love to see how you celebrate World Photography Day in 2020! Drop me a line and say hi!